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Attorney Elizabeth Murrar

Attorney Elizabeth Murrar has been an immigration attorney since 2010 but worked as an immigration legal assistant for two years during law school as well. She loves working with immigrants because she has been through the immigration process with her own family members and truly understands what a life-changing impact it has for the whole family when one immigrant’s case reaches success. For this reason, she understands and appreciates the trust her clients are putting in her and her legal team to fight for them as hard as she can!

She has served Wisconsin’s American Immigration Lawyers Association in various capacities, including currently as the Liaison to the Milwaukee USCIS Field Office and from 2017-2018 as the Chapter Chairperson. Elizabeth is also currently the Adjunct Professor of Immigration Law for Marquette University Law School. She enjoys sharing her wealth of experience and the complexities of immigration law with Milwaukee’s next generation of Immigration Lawyers.

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